Our vision

I am completely burnt by a vision : liberate all visual information existing in the world, since I met recent VR technologies for the first time in 2014.

Since then, I am strongly confident that human civilization reached the phase where every visual information must be liberated and shared freely by everyone to give birth to new experience and new culture by overwhelming distance and time.

As a first step, Dejav is providing 1 minute experience. 1 minute experience of valuable places in major touristic cities.

Just try to click one of our contents. You will be already there. By using any head mount display(HMD), you can feel the atmosphere of this place and check any detail all around you. At a certain place, you can even experience each view of 4 different seasons at the same time, which is impossible in reality.

Imagine your grandparent on the wheelchair can easily be at the top of the Eiffel Tower at home or deprived children in developing countries can be easily under a tree of cherry blossom in full bloom in Kyoto city in Far East Asia. It’s now realizable just by using a smartphone and any suitable HMD.

Dejav must not only be entertainment use, but also it could be intellectual and pedagogic use,  etc.  More importantly, we would like to ask you to explore how to enjoy Dejav for our future.

Our team continues uploading contents with tenacity until it covers completely all over the world and also we are going to improve our platform to facilitate a novel style of communication and expression among the users. Of course, we are aware that the extremely simple interface usable with intuition must be guaranteed anytime.

In the middle term, we will specialize in valuable places in major touristic cities as mentioned above. We have a strong intention of contributing to the touristic industry of the places shown in Dejav. We believe strongly Dejav can be mutually profitable with real places as you could be encouraged to go to gigs after listening to songs of your favorite singers in YouTube. We continue to collaborate with them and deepen our service to create experience not realizable in the real world.

One last thing, “Dejav” comes from “Deja-vu”. It represents our desire to give amazing “Deja-vu” when you really visited the real places. Deja-vu without you, it’s Dejav.

We have still countless ideas to improve Dejav.

Yoshi Y.  Founder